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Amici Marinai Chicco Wood

Amici Marinai Chicco Wood è un gioco di Chicco della nuova linea di giochi in legno che risponde all'orientamento di molti genitori verso un ritorno alla semplicità e ai prodotti naturali. Infatti, questi prodotti sono realizzati interamente in legno, sono semplici, di facile utilizzo ed esteticamente rassicuranti. Ideale dai 18 mesi in poi.
€25.00 €22.50

Sweet Dreams Cot Mobile

Sweet Dreams Cot Mobile is a carousel night light with electronic melodies and rotation of the puppets. Ideal from 0 months onward, it works with 3 AA batteries 1.5 volt not included.

Basket League

Basket League è un vero canestro per i più piccoli! Ideale dai 18 mesi in poi. Funziona con 3 pile AA da 1.5 volt incluse
€29.90 €24.90


A piece of happiness generated by a piece of wood. The products Chicco Wood respond to the orientation of many parents towards a return to simplicity. In fact, these products are made entirely from wood, they are simple, user- friendly and aesthetically reassuring. Thanks to their simplicity, these toys encourage spontaneous and destructed playing as there are no pre-defined routs, they encourage them to use their imagination giving a free rein to creativity, allowing them to establish their own play pace independently. These toys offer parents an opportunity to share important moments of interaction and communication with children. On the other hand they are also perfect when children are playing with their peers as they encourage socialization, comparison and cooperative behaviour. From a sensorial point of view, wood has extremely pleasant consistency, weight and warmth. This is why wooden toys give children the chance to experience different and alternative hand skills and perceive new material stimuli and tactile experience.
€18.00 €16.20

Billy Big Wheels

Billy Big Wheels è il primo veicolo che si guida con l'intuito e con cui il bambino scopre il controllo del movimento a distanza. Ideale dai 2 anni in poi. PREZZO DI LISTINO € 44.00 ORA SCONTATO DEL 10%.
€44.00 €39.60

Carillon i 3 porcellini

Carillon i 3 porcellini ideale per aiutare il bambino ad addormentarsi serenamente. Ideale dagli 0 mesi in poi.
€20.00 €18.00